Sochi (RU)



Olympic Winter Games Sochi (RU), P & G Family Home Pavillons, Roof Canopy

Year of construction: 2013
Client: Nüssli (Schweiz) AG, Hüttwilen
Constructor: P & G Procter & Gamble
Architect: Schmidhuber, München (DE)
Timber engineer: Teuffel Engineering, Stuttgart (DE)

Mid-August 2013, following a successful bid first discussions took place with our client Nüssli (Switzerland) Ltd, Hüttwilen. Among other orders, Nüssli had received this order of Procter & Gamble (sales and development of various consumer goods and cosmetic products) to build three pavilions and a catering area at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Due to the ever-changing geometries of the trusses, the first step was for neue Holzbau AG to find a constructive solution for the specifications given by architects Schmidhuber, Munich, and the engineering firm Teuffel, Stuttgart. Despite the logistical limitations of the available trucks we decided for a finger-jointed, rigid frame corner connection. Its distinguishing characteristics are simplicity in appearance and installation, whilst at the same time putting increased demands on shipment.

Upon plan approval, the first pavilion had to be shipped within a production time frame of 5 weeks, with 4 subsequent ones following in weekly intervals. The handling of documents with regards to customs clearance and transport proved to be complex, especially as the exact delivery content per truck had to be defined 2 weeks ahead of shipment in order to obtain the necessary export documents from Russian customs.

For delivery a time window of 2 weeks had been calcluated and was also required, as on occasion the trucks were stopped at the Russian border or had to wait 1-2 days in front of the Olympic site before being allowed to enter. With regards to installation, the company HP Gasser AG with support of Brawand carpentry showed outstanding services. Having arrived at the site on time, at first they were denied access to the Olympic site and were then faced with an unfinished concrete foundation. Despite these circumstances, they succeeded in finishing the structure including membrane lining before the end of November.



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